We created a free, open-source directory for the community, to show how easy it can be to spend your hard-earned dollars intentionally with small businesses that need our support.

We want you to think about ALL of the businesses you spend money with, whether it’s your accountant, your coffee shop, your videographer, or your acupuncturist- how many of them are Women/Person of Color/LGBTQ/Indigenous-owned, or give back?

We saw how difficult it can be to find businesses that are Woman/Person of Color/LGBTQ/Indigenous-Owned or Businesses that Give Back, so we wanted to make it easy to find them! Please use this resource and join the #HopeSlinger movement!

Do you own or know of a business that should be in the Inclusive Business Directory? Submit a listing below:

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We want to do good work in our community, and we want to measure the impact that small businesses have in that community.

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