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Denver Spanish Network
Address: Highlands Center
2945 Julian St
Denver, CO 80211
Owner's Name: Bex Paz
Business Features: Gives Back, LGBTQ-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: We provide deep discounts to full time teachers, those working in non-profits that benefit our immigrant communities and peace corps workers so that they can use the language to support their communities. We also bring medical supplies and/or emergency supplies to countries we visit as part of our Spanish learning immersion trips such as Cuba and Puerto Rico.
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Denver Spanish Network was founded in 2013 as a way to provide Spanish instruction to adults who need something more flexible than a college course. Our classes feel more like a happy hour than a high pressure course and our learning community often connects outside of class to practice and study.

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Business Phone Number: 720-772-8841
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Owner's Name: Parker McMullen Bushman
Business Features: Person of Color-Owned, Woman-Owned
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Consulting and training for integrating Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion and Justice. A basic principle of ecology is that diversity in an ecosystem fosters strength and resilience. Ecoinclusive provides training and resources for leadership at non-profits, cultural and environmental organizations to aid them in building a culturally diverse and culturally competent staff that reflects the populations that they serve.

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Read More Co.
Owner's Name: Kyle Colley
Business Features: Person of Color-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: To support the future generation of learners!
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Read More is a forward-thinking and passionate company that specializes in creating educational courses that focus on personal growth through reading!

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Business Phone Number: 303-854-8079
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