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Coach Counseling Center
Address: 2323 S. Troy St. Bldg 5 – Suite 135
Aurora, CO 80014
Owner's Name: Hulond Copeland
Business Features: Person of Color-Owned
Business Description:

Coach Counseling Center is proud to be Arapahoe county’s leading provider of DUI Classes and Evaluations. We have successfully helped thousands of clients by providing evaluation and counseling services that are customized to effectively meet each client’s needs. We are fully OBH certified by the Colorado Department of Humans Services. Hulond “Coach” Copeland is a CAC III Certified Addiction Counselor with 12 years of experience working together with clients to help them achieve their goals in relation to substance abuse issues which they may be suffering from. Coach Counseling Center, Inc. is a licensed Substance and Use Disorder Treatment Provider pursuant to §2 CCR 502-1 of the Colorado Code of Regulations (License No. 1820-001). Coach takes a unique and individualized approach in assessing clients instead of lumping everyone in the same therapy and treatment programs. Coach uses a real life approach when working with clients and this is why he considers the financial wellness of client who are typically financially stressed. Coach offers not only the cheapest DUI classes in Colorado, but also the most affordable intake and alcohol evaluations costs.

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Business Phone Number: 303-953-0702
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Floyd L Jones Jr. , Legal Administrator & April L. Jones, Attorney at Law
Address: 1410 Grant Street, Suite B105
Denver, Colorado 80203
Owner's Name: April L. Jones, Esq.
Business Features: Gives Back, Person of Color-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: The law firm provides Eviction 101 Clinics for Landlords & Tenants provide legal education in a group setting. Legal professionals provide an overview of landlord tenant rights, notices, the eviction timeline, terminology, the judicial process, agreements and common court orders issued.

Tenant Rights & Fair Housing Law Workshops are community based group educational events that cover Landlord Tenant rights and issues related to; Common lease types, rent increases, notices (3-Day demand/Notice-to-Quit), rent receipts, money orders, security deposits, post move-out collection disputes, roommate disputes, Amendment 64 (Marijuana), the Warranty of Habitability Act (roaches, bed bugs, mold, no hot water, no heat etc.), domestic violence, FED’s aka “Evictions”, and a brief overview of housing discrimination, reasonable accommodation requests and service animal disputes. If you are a local non-profit organization that works with single parents, seniors, veterans, HCV/Section 8 residents etc., please contact our office to discuss collaboration opportunities today.
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The Mission of Colorado Affordable Legal Services (CALS) is to be a valuable community stakeholder that provides information on the legal rights of tenants, the legal process, legal procedures and affordable legal representation when needed to Balance the Scales of Justice.

CALS is an for-profit, self-sustaining law firm that provides tenants with Access to Justice in the form of advocacy based upon the principles of a Modern Law Practice Initiative (unbundled/limited-scope). CALS developed the Housing Eviction Legal Program (HELP) project to close the civil justice gap in Colorado and to minimize the direct negative effect of eviction actions that can often lead to homelessness.

What is the Housing Eviction Legal Program (HELP) project? The HELP project is at the core of the methodology used for the CALS eviction defense strategy. It contains three primary pillars for Access to Justice; Information, Education & Representation.

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Business Phone Number: 303.996.0010
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