Outdoor Recreation

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7Twenty Boardshop
Address: 135 S BROADWAY
DENVER, CO 80209
Owner's Name: Melissa Salsbury
Business Features: LGBTQ-Owned, Woman-Owned
Business Description:

7Twenty Boardshop has been providing you with the freshest gear since 2007. We carry skateboards, snowboards, longboards, shoes, clothing, sunglasses and many other accessories. Locally started, built, and run by riders, we stay true to our roots and bring you everything from well know brands like DC, Vans, LRG and Volcom to unique local brands like CandyGrind, Kriminal Apparel, Aksels, Fluidium, and more.

Business Website Address: http://www.7twentyboardshop.com/
Business Phone Number: 303-282-8972
Business Contact Email: support@7twentyboardshop.com
BrothaGolf, LLC
Owner's Name: Dana Juniel, Katrena Chase & Denise Rosa
Business Features: LGBTQ-Owned, Person of Color-Owned, Woman-Owned
Business Description:

Founded in 2016, BrothaGolf is the only golf apparel company of its kind, committed to understanding the unique style requirements, buying behavior, and cultural influences of the black golf enthusiast. By providing quality apparel, exceptional customer service, and a sense of camaraderie on the golf course, BrothaGolf is developing a stronger platform for African Americans to meet, network, and socialize. BrothaGolf is committed to “Changing The Course.”

Business Website Address: http://www.BrothaGolf.com