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Megan Ivy- Broker Associate with Usaj Realty
Address: 2340 Hudson Street, Denver CO, 80207
Owner's Name: Megan Ivy
Business Features: Gives Back, LGBTQ-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: I deeply believe that Real Estate can and should be conducted with heart and soul. As a part of this mindset and hope that my day to day work can contribute to the world in a great sense, I donate 5% of the commissions from my transactions to non-profits and charities of mine and my clients’ choice. My hope is to spread generosity and global awareness through my business.
Business Description:

I love helping people buy and sell real estate. I work tirelessly to provide exceptional personalized service, expert advice, and step by step guidance through what many people think of as a daunting process to make it feel enjoyable. I highly value relationships, communication and want all of my clients to feel like they are deeply cared for.

Business Phone Number: 5126634486
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