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Denver Spanish Network
Address: Highlands Center
2945 Julian St
Denver, CO 80211
Owner's Name: Bex Paz
Business Features: Gives Back, LGBTQ-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: We provide $100 off of every Spanish class (33%) to full time teachers, those working in non-profits that benefit our immigrant communities, peace corps workers, etc.
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Denver Spanish Network was founded in 2013 as a way to provide Spanish instruction to adults who need something more flexible than a college course. Our classes feel more like a happy hour than a high pressure course and our learning community often connects outside of class to practice and study.

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Business Phone Number: 720-772-8841
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Echinacea Montessori School
Address: 300 Elati St
Denver, CO 80223
Owner's Name: Sarah Johnson and Amanda Clarke
Business Features: Gives Back, Nonprofit, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: Our Montessori school hopes to open in January and serve low income, middle, and full income families. We offer 1/3 free tuition, 1/3 middle (scholarship tuition) and 1/3 full paying. We are in the Baker neighborhood and want to partner with local businesses to spread the word of our little school.
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Echinacea Montessori School is a member of the Wildflower Network of schools. Wildflower is an ecosystem of decentralized Montessori micro-schools that support children, teachers, and parents. Wildflower aspires to give all children and families the opportunity to choose high quality, beautiful learning environments as they follow life’s unfolding journey.

Business Phone Number: 7204488929
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