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Bri Erger Photography
Address: 3327 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216
Owner's Name: Bri Erger
Business Features: Gives Back, LGBTQ-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: I give back to many nonprofit organizations by supporting their fundraising efforts and through time, talent, and treasure donations.
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I believe in the raw beauty of a moment: the lines between wrinkles, the stories held in eyes, the smiles shared between friends. With a background in social work, international education, and youth development, my work is born from a passion for visual storytelling and capturing authentic human connection. Through photography, I aim to bring awareness to both our interconnectedness as humans and critical issues around the globe. After traveling and working around Latin America for nearly a decade, I turn to photography to remind myself of the beauty that exists in a world of economic, social, and political injustice.

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Owner's Name: Mekhi Peoples
Business Features: Gives Back, LGBTQ-Owned, Person of Color-Owned, Woman-Owned
If you are a business that gives back, tell us about how and why you give back!: We give out bags full of hats, gloves, and food to homeless in the local 5 point area. We give back because we are able!
Business Phone Number: 7202555975
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You’re Golden
Address: Denver, CO 80211
Owner's Name: Sydney Golden
Business Features: Woman-Owned
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The “uber” of Photography or Photographer On-Demand. We are reshaping the way you think about booking a photographer with our innovative business model. It’s fast and easy to book, affordable flat hourly rates that include all digital downloads, 50 unedited photos per hour delivered to you within 24 hours. No hidden fees, or photo packages to buy. We want people to put down their phones and experience the life infront of them, not through the lens of your phone so we are making professional photography so affordable anyone could hire us for anythnig (you would normally use your phone for)

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